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What exactly is a personal accident insurance?

Personal Accident Insurance (PA) would sound familier for some people who knows about Life Insurance, because it is part of Life Insurance benefits. In Indonesia Personal Accident is a product of General Insurance.

Personal Accident Insurance policy protect against the risk of death, permanent disability and the cost of treatment that caused by an accident.

Click here to know why do people need to have Personal Accident Insurance.

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3 Best Reasons to Have Your Vehicles Protected

Are you currently looking for a car?
Owning a vehicle does ease your mobility yet it comes with quite a cost, from the vehicle itself, gas, and various administration fees. What’s not less important is the insurance to make sure your vehicles would be ready to run whenever you need it.
Check out the reasons why vehicle insurance is essential in car ownership, as important as having yourself protected here.
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The 5 Importance of Fire Insurance

According to Fire and Rescue of Jakarta region, 246 fire incidents happened in the region in 2016 only with 175 cases caused by electrical short circuits. The number has decreased drastically from 1481 cases in 2015, yet the risk of fire is still high. Fire incident can happen to anyone, and people who do business in their houses are at double stake as there is double usage of the house.

If you still hesitant to apply for fire insurance, here are five things you should consider further: 

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