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3 Best Reasons to Have Your Vehicles Protected

Are you currently looking for a car? Owning a vehicle does ease your mobility yet it comes with quite a cost, from the vehicle itself, gas, and various administration fees. What’s not less important is the insurance to make sure your vehicles would be ready to run whenever you need it.

Below are the reasons why vehicle insurance is essential in car ownership, as important as having yourself protected:

1. High risk of traffic accidents

In WHO’s Global Report on Road Safety (2015), Indonesia is below China and India on highest number of traffic accidents with total number of 38.279 deaths by road reported. Distracted driving, reckless drivers, speeding, brake failure are common causes of traffic accidents that can happen even to the most cautious driver.


2. Crime Rates

According to Bappenas (2014), in 2013 there were 42.508 reports on vehicle thefts, risen from 41.816 cases in the previous year. To avoid great loss from such case, you can invest on insurance that allow you to receive up to equal amount of your lost car worth or according to the contract.


3. Solving Problem with Third Party

Some accidents may end up in court involving lawyers and additional costs. Ease your mind by leaving all these matters to your insurance partner, inclusive of the fee.

There are two types of vehicle insurance you can choose from, tailored to your needs and budget. The first one is the comprehensive type or all-risk that will cover any damage, major or partially. The second one is Total Lost Only (TLO) that covers loss from theft but not for car misconduct. The TLO type only covers loss if the damage cost equals or more than 75% of the total of the value of vehicle’s price.

You may also need to recognize these factors: the type and life of your vehicle, and the territory of coverage. These may determine the type of insurance and the insurance partner you need. Once you’re ready to apply protection to your vehicle, choose the right and reliable insurance partner. Parolamas is ready to protect your vehicles from the risk of dents, theft, damages due to crime, fire incidents, any loss affected by a third party, and/or legal costs* with services and packages suitable to your needs and budget.

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